The Benefits of FKM Seals in Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Benefits of FKM Seals in Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries

Fluoroelastomer, commonly known as FKM, stands out as a versatile synthetic rubber renowned for its exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and mineral oils. In industrial applications, particularly in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, FKM seals play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of equipment. However, recent restrictions on the availability of these seals in the US and Europe have posed challenges to industries that heavily rely on this chemical and don’t have a reliable alternative. Amidst these supply constraints, Flowtrend emerges as a reliable source, providing access to FKM seals for those facing difficulties in securing these critical components.

Let’s dive into the uses and benefits of FKM seals, o-rings, and more!


FKM has gained prominence in the industry due to its versatile properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial seals. In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors, these seals find application in pumps, valves, and other essential machinery where exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, and stringent hygiene requirements are common.

Temperature Resilience:

In industries with elevated operating temperatures, these seals stand out. Their exceptional capability to uphold stability and sealing effectiveness at temperatures reaching up to 400°F positions them as the ideal choice for applications confronting demanding thermal challenges.

Chemical Resistance and FDA Compliance: 

One of the key benefits of FKM seals is their outstanding chemical resistance. These seals can withstand exposure to over 300 different chemicals, ensuring the integrity of the seal in demanding industrial processes. Moreover, FKM formulations can be tailored to meet the stringent standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making them suitable for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

Resistance to Ozone and Aging: 

FKM seals exhibit excellent resistance to ozone, making them suitable for applications where exposure to this environmental factor is a concern. Additionally, FKM’s resistance to aging ensures that the seals maintain their performance and integrity over an extended period, contributing to the longevity of industrial equipment.

Supply Challenges and Flowtrend’s Solution:

Recent restrictions on the use of FKM within these products have led to challenges in sourcing these seals in the US and Europe. Flowtrend, however, stands out as a reliable solution provider with access to FKM seals through their global partnerships. As industries face difficulties in securing a stable supply of these seals, Flowtrend ensures that clients can continue to operate smoothly and support the longevity of their equipment.

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